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Multi-layered MSSP Strategy & Solutions Consulting

Creating Solutions For Your Success

Achieve a strategic advantage from your business and IT infrastructure with our expert consultancy services. We provide customized solutions designed to meet the specific objectives of your organization. Cohere ensures your business environment is agile, dynamic and ultra-competitive in today's global economy.

Cybersecurity and Incident Response

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Infrastructure Assessment and Audit

Certified Cybersecurity

A crucial part of Cohere’s mission to improve the security posture of our clients

Combining the necessary industry research to employ the best tools as well as selecting the best experts to operate them, is a crucial part of Cohere’s mission to improve the security posture of its clients. Cohere’s Cyber Protective Services is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals, with oversight and guidance from third-party industry leaders.  

Cohere’s Cybersecurity practice is multi-layered and encompasses disciplines including Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Analysis, Network Defense, Cyber Policy Plans, Industry Compliance, and Corporate Governance.

Disaster Recovery
& Business Continuity

Critical data loss or downtime can have a crippling effect -- safeguard your company from IT outages

Critical data loss or service downtime can have a crippling effect on your customers, employees, and partners – ultimately adversely impacting revenues and brand integrity. In the event of a catastrophic event, Cohere’s Disaster Recovery Solution enables the recovery of your company’s critical systems.

By taking the time to implement a plan for addressing inevitable downtime, your organization stands to realize thousands — or even millions — of dollars in quantifiable cost savings, as well as ensure the health of crucial qualitative factors such as employee morale, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

Office Relocation

One of the most daunting tasks for business relocation is the technology requirements

Today’s technology-centric office environment requires specialists who understand both voice and data networks, facility planning, and IT Infrastructure. Whether your business is planning a relocation to a new site, expansion of your current facility, or opening a new branch office, your IT infrastructure is affected.

Cohere’s engineering team has extensive experience working with a number of clients in planning IT systems and network equipment for relocation and expansion projects. We provide both office space planning and technology engineering services to ensure all employees have their phone and user profiles on the first day at the new office.

Cohere’s Relocation Services include: 

  • Backup and Old System and Test it 
  • Setup and Test New Site Prior to Move 
  • Provide an Inventory all of the Equipment 
  • Coordination with all Vendors (ISPs etc.) 
  • Test Server and Hardware Connectivity 
  • Develop a Contingency Plan


Downtime is Extremely Expensive

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Because there are so many differences in how businesses operate, downtime, at the low end, can be as much as $140,000 per hour, $300,000 per hour on average, and as much as $540,000 per hour at the higher end.

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