Cyber Compliance Platform

Seamless, All-in-one Protection
Compliance diagram

Gold Standard in
Compliance Reporting

The Cohere Cyber Compliance platform goes beyond the typical threat detection, antivirus, firewalls and other point solutions that don’t offer the seamless, all-in-one protection desired.
We help you avoid expensive intervention by security specialists.
  • Enhanced utilities for penetration testing
  • Active device scanning
  • Threat modeling
  • Incident management to identify risks and automatically mitigate them
Continuous Monitoring

of security controls and their effectiveness

Audit trail collection

and reporting. Logs from all assets and activities.

Security Controls

Determining the acceptability of security controls in terms of risk


Assessment and implementation of the control effectiveness

Cohere Cyber Secure is positioning to become the gold standard in compliance reporting.
We offer Compliance-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) and set the benchmarks as designed and accepted by regulators.

Cohere’s SIEM services

We collect and analyze data that can be used for corporate or regulatory compliance reporting - in addition to pattern analysis for insider threats, troubleshooting device and/or server issues all with compressed data storage.
Cohere can recommend tools for compliance reporting:
  • SOX
  • ISO
  • GLBA
  • GPG13

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