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Layered Solutions Supported by Diligent Professionals

To remain competitive and scale business growth, a comprehensive
and compliant cybersecurity strategy is a mandate.

Reduce Your Risk

The potential loss and damage from cyberattacks has made compliant, secure IT operations a board room issue -- a potential business risk, not just an IT problem.

Protect Your Firm

Data breaches are getting bigger, hackers are getting savvier, and compromised data is on the rise. Financial firms face the highest volume and sophistication of cyber threats.

Defend Your Environment

Cohere’s Unified Security Management (USM) solution incorporates multiple layers of protection to defend your environment from the network to the core.

Threat Monitoring and Management

Advanced insight to detect suspicious activity and deploy automated responses.

At the protective core is Cohere Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) surveilance system for monitoring and managing potential Cyber threats on-premise and in the Cloud.  SIEM capabilities also help you meet critical regulatory requirements, especially those that mandate the tracking and monitoring of all access to network resources and critical systems.

AI Based Threat Insight

Prepare, manage, respond to, and recover from incidents quickly and effectively with Cohere and our Best in Class Security Partners aided by Artificial Intelligence.

Security partners, including Cisco, VMware and RedShift, significantly strengthen your information security posture by providing the latest threat intelligence. Our expert team engages with your team to develop strategies that align multiple layers of defense against threats.

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Diligent Vulnerability Management

Continually identifying Cyber exposure in your environment and prioritizing a response plan that addresses the appropriate action

Ongoing scans to highlight…

√ unpatched and unregistered devices
√ attempted data exfiltration and
√ unusual network traffic

…and help mitigate any risks and prevent malicious attackers from exploiting them.

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Centralized SOC Management

Proactively filtering security issues with real-time monitoring of your IT environment.

Actively monitoring threats and vulnerabilities is job one inside Cohere’s Secure Operations Center (SOC) practice. SOCs are the best way to improve threat detection and Cohere helps you respond to them faster, decreasing or even minimizing their risks.

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Compliance Management

Real-time audit tasks, and more to protect customers’ sensitive data, and proactively report to key stakeholders and auditors.

Cohere’s compliance solutions help clients validate IT key controls and identify control risks, analyze root causes and trends in potential threat management control weaknesses. By using the Cohere Cybersecurity services, businesses gain new controls to meet compliance standards.

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