Secure Operations Center (SOC) Management

Comprehensive Lifecycle Security Operations as a Service

Powered by Hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cohere’s SOC leverages both machine learning and human expertise to identify suspicious activity, reduce false positives, and respond faster to contain and remediate security incidents.
Staffed 24/7/365, by our SOC Cybersecurity experts, analysts, and engineers.
AI hybrid diagram

Centralized Threat Management HUB

Cohere centralizes your threat management lifecycle and compliance requirements to proactively handle and remediate security issues at both the organizational and technical levels.

Our balance of staff, technology, and processes aims to have the best and continuous situational awareness around enterprise security, whether its compliance and control issues or external threats and security breaches.

Layered Security

Cohere’s uses a layered security approach to monitor, detect, assess, respond, mediate, and report on IT threats within your company or enterprise. Customer network, application or user-based threats include actual or potential cyberattacks or security breaches.
Cohere’s approach to SOC as the central hub with the threat and vulnerability lifecycle includes many of the following capabilities:
  • Vulnerability and penetration tests
  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS)
  • Database scanner
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Log management systems
  • Data correlation from network discovery (data flows, telemetry, packets, syslog, etc.)
  • Website assessment
  • Instruction prevention systems (IPS)
  • Governance and compliance issues

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