Vendor Risk Management

Worlds Leading Unified Third-Party Risk Management Platform In Realtime

Automate, Accelerate & Scale Your Third-Party Risk Management

Our next generation of security ratings platform gives businesses a unifying, objective, and comprehensive view of their current risk level. Integrate external information with intelligence signals and automated vendor response data for more precise evaluations than ever before.

360 Visibility










An Effective Approach for Vendor Risk Management

Cyber-risk management decisions become an integrated part of the vendor life cycle and current operational workflows through higher strategic cybersecurity ratings. Cohere also provides advice for informed decision-making, which will be useful in determining your cyber security risks across a number of IT environments so you will be able to make well-informed security investments with confidence.
  • Includes third-party active management
  • An Encompassing Approach to Reduce Risk and Accelerate Operational Efficiency
  • Monitor vendors throughout the entire life cycle, even before the contract is signed
  • Increase visibility for risk posture
  • Minimize new and existing third-party risks
  • Third-party risks identified by 83% of legal and compliance leaders after due diligence

“More than 80% of legal and compliance leaders tell us that third-party risks were identified after initial onboarding, suggesting traditional due diligence methods in risk management policy fail to capture new or evolving threats.”

Cohere Cyber Vendor Risk Management PlatformTM

Our 360° platform provides a comprehensive view of security risks and intelligence, allows organizations to connect with a wide range of data sources. The ideal method to stay up to speed on security developments is to employ a full 360° perspective. The platform not only includes external cloud scanning, but it also incorporates third-party sources and surveys that might help you meet your vulnerability testing demands in order to avoid problems from turning into significant flaws.

Few Key Highlights

  • The Cohere VRM Platform is an integrated, unified platform that gives you a complete picture of risk posed by third-party providers so you can combat dangers.
  • Vulnerability Management solutions exploit vulnerability information in real time to prevent malicious code from exploiting it. Zero-day vulnerabilities and CVEs can be identified by our product, allowing you patch before threat actors take advantage of them.
  • Functions at a large scale so you can keep track of more clients without increasing personnel.
  • Optimizes reporting and data sharing to comply with key regulatory reporting.

As the use of third-party vendors has become widespread, prioritizing security has become mutual between clients and third parties to ensure business growth. Cohere Cyber Secure serves to identify and mitigate the risk associated with your third party.

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