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As part of an aggressive vulnerability management process, organizations must periodically scan and analyze their networks and applications for vulnerabilities. This process helps prioritize a response plan to address the most critical assets and highest threats first.

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Securing your data assets starts with knowledge. Cohere will review existing programs and if needed, update or establish a comprehensive cybersecurity framework, security policies and procedures, authentication/access controls, and provide regular awareness training for employees.

We Continually Identify Vulnerabilities

Cohere can continually identify vulnerabilities in your environment. We provide ongoing scans to highlight unpatched and unregistered devices, attempted data exfiltration and unusual network traffic to mitigate any risks, and prevent malicious attackers from exploiting them.

Cohere Cyber Secure Vulnerability Scans or V-Scans identify potential Cyber exposure, so businesses know what they’re up against and what can be done to detect and protect their IT infrastructure.

Cohere’s Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP)

Our Cyber management professionals identify policy-violating configurations, malware, viruses and other hidden threats across the Cloud, mobile devices, computing containers, web applications and more.

Strengthen Your Defenses


Cohere Cyber Secure helps to proactively visualize and empower your business against becoming victim to major cyber threats. The Cohere V-Scan features a prioritized synopsis of potential security and compliance deficiencies within each IT asset – coupled with an insight into what technologies can be used to strengthen them.


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