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Our knowledge of regulated industries and the compliance requirements that come with it is unparalleled.

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Financial and insurance firms face the highest volume and sophistication of cyber threats. This is why we specialize in protecting businesses in these industries. We regularly work with organizations involved in asset management, financial management, hedge fund management, insurance, and private equity. We have developed specialized skills, processes, and security models to address the unique challenges these businesses face daily, and — distinctly — we have real-time access to Department of Defense, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security threat feeds to best safeguard your information and data.

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Our Subject Matter Expertise in Regulated Industries

As leaders in the industry, Cohere gives clients a holistic cyber risk assessment to guarantee the safety of their company’s most valued possession: their content, customer information, and digital data. In addition to this assessment, we provide ongoing IT support and maintain a watchful eye so that companies can focus on revenue and growth instead of cyber attacks that would compromise their public image, brand identity, and safeguarded information. Our knowledge of regulated industries and the compliance requirements that come with it is unparalleled.

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We Save You Money While Increasing Security

By operating our own network, we offer cyber security, compliance, remediation, and even infrastructure service-based solutions at a price point and response time many of our competitors cannot meet. We remove cost barriers for our clients by eliminating CapEx expenses and offering all our services on an accessible subscription/OpEx basis.

Protecting your company and customer data is a true boardroom issue today. We know this and provide you with the tools, expertise, and real-time threat insights you need to grow your bottom line.

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We Adapt With Technology

Our work always stretches forward because as technology evolves, we grow with it. Cyber security threats remain one of today’s most omnipresent risks. Nonetheless, we at Cohere are undeterred: when it comes to your online information and data management, we are the IT consultants that companies turn to again and again. We take great pride in our ability to deliver results and keep our clients and their information safe.

We also see ourselves as distinct from our competitors: we own our Security Operations Center (SOC), and our strategic partnership with Breakpoint Labs grants us exclusive access to the Department of Defense’s real-time threat feeds and intelligence reports. You can sleep at night knowing your business is secure — unlike our competition, our real-time security information and event management software (SIEM) was built by engineers who worked for the U.S. Army Cyber Command and Department of Defense. These enable us to more readily identify unique threats and protect our customers’ business viability.

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