Cohere Names New CFO & CXO

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Vake Persaud has been named Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Cohere. He is a versatile and accomplished CFO, a senior financial planning and strategic consulting professional with diverse cross-functional experiences. His background includes a leading global asset management division, a Big Four professional services firm, a top-tier hedge fund, a broker/dealer and investment bank, a pre-eminent fintech foreign exchange company and a marketing/BPO firm. His work credentials are complemented with a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Accounting and Advisory Board experience.

Throughout his career Vake has maximized the financial performance of banking divisions, hedge funds, FinTech and private firms, as well as top-tier Fortune 500 companies through strict adherence to policies and procedures, merger and acquisitions, the creation of comprehensive strategic financial models, and in-depth conclusive reporting to the senior executive team.

Steve Francesco comments, “Vake will be a great addition to our C-suite and brings relatable, hands-on customer experience to our clients and their businesses—which will be invaluable to our risk assessment and cyber security consulting practice area as well as to our own growth.”

Manita Lane has just been promoted to Cohere’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO), having worked her way up the ranks since 2015 when she initially joined the marketing team. Manita is responsible for improving operational efficiencies and making sure our discerning financial services clients are well-served. She is also at the heart of culture creation and the implementation of a customer-centric mindset.

Steve Francesco adds, “Manita has earned this promotion to CXO. She has always been an extremely diligent worker and exceptionally client-focused. She is often the one our clients and our staff go to for sounding board purposes and problem resolution. She is the voice of reason in a very demanding and intense industry. We are lucky to have her. Please join me in welcoming Vake and congratulating Manita on their new roles.”

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