Top 5 Cyber Threats

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, the rate of cyber-attack detection is as low as 0.5%1 in the U.S. On top of that, experts predict IoT cyber attacks will double by 20252

“With the emergence of IoT, cybersecurity threats are taking on new dimensions. It’s because of this that we must stay vigilant3.”

“Proactive protection is the key to avoiding a cybersecurity attack4.”

To help you understand the prevalence of cyber threats today, we have compiled a list of five of the top cyber security threats to businesses right now5.

  1. Social Engineering – The social engineering attack vector comes down to manipulating people (who have access to sensitive data) into breaching their security protocols and best practices to open the door to unauthorized access to systems, networks, or physical locations6.
  1. Third-party Exposure – “Third party risk is the potential threat presented to organizations’ employee and customer data, financial information and operations from the organization’s supply-chain and other outside parties that provide products and/or services and have access to privileged systems7.”
  1. Configuration Errors – Improper configurations and flawed security settings can leave the door open to hackers and possible malware and exfiltrate data. These vulnerabilities occur through improper file and directory permissions, the use of default passwords in admin accounts, etc.
  1. Poor Cyber Hygiene – Like taking care of oneself, these threats come down to inadequate daily security routines, behaviors, and frequent security checkups to ensure your organization is in top cyber health8
  1. Cloud Vulnerabilities – These risks fall into technical risks (data loss, data breach, system crash, etc.) and non-technical risks (privacy issues, data ownership rights, and so on)9

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