Cohere Cyber Secure announces Fully Integrated “Cyber-Managed Security as a Service”


Cohere’s Cyber SIEM™ (Security Information and Event Management) solution provides a 360º framework to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate cyber-attacks. 

NEW YORK, NY – February 20, 2020 – Cohere Cyber Secure, LLC (“Cohere”) today announced a fully integrated “Cyber Managed Security-as-a-Service” offering.  The objective was to layer a maze of overlapping technologies, so Cohere’s Cyber SIEM becomes the foundation for ensuring maximum protection.  The service is designed for business operations looking for a single-sourced set of cyber protective solutions and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Alex Stange, Cohere Chief Cyber Architect notes: “We are not simply re-selling a third party SIEM, the Cohere Cyber SIEM™ is custom built and owned with target customer segments and their unique industry demands in mind.”

Steven Francesco, Cohere Chairman & CEO, states: “There is no dominant end-to-end cybersecurity managed service provider in the market today, and the void between corporate and cyber requirements continues to expand. Auditors, regulators, partners, and customers all want to see evidence that institutions are meeting regulatory and IT security standards. We are excited to be offering an all-encompassing, end-to-end cybersecurity solution for our financial services and healthcare clients.”

Cyber SIEM™ is Cohere’s protective core system for monitoring and managing potential cyber threats, both on-premise and in the cloud. The solution delivers a 360º view of an IT environment and addresses key security concerns including vulnerability assessment and risk management, threat detection, real-time network device monitoring, incident response, and regulatory reporting.

Cohere’s Cyber SIEM™ (Security Information & Event Management) System

With hundreds of security and privacy-related standards and regulations, it can be difficult and expensive for mid-sized firms to keep up with the evolving compliance and governance standards. Cohere’s managed cybersecurity services will target high demand enterprises in the financial services and health care, industries that require state-of-the-art IT environments and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements by their Managed Service Provider.

To speed deployment, Cohere is bringing to market a series of pre-configured cyber run-time templates, combined with sophisticated AI tools, to verify deployments, identify red flags and correlate events across all security rules and use cases. The SIEM auditing, which is tightly coupled to the critical processes for reporting, incident management, and security planning, will ensure timely compliance with the demands from governmental agencies such as NY DFS, FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA.


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